What we do

We are the team behind Everuts [EH-vu-ruts], a new-age social commerce shopping platform not only connecting people, but also products from one side of the world to the other. Our goal is to remove barriers and ease the process of selling around the world, giving brands the opportunity to easily globalise and experience a new market. Apart from selling on Everuts, brands and customers alike can network and connect with one another, not only building rapport between brand and consumer, but offering a chance for organic in-app marketing, directly with the intended market.

How we do it

Everuts provides a one-stop service to help brands expand their online businesses. The easy to use application let’s customers browse products by countries, categories, and even by interests, all while networking, and getting to learn and know a bit more about their favourite brands, either directly or through other satisfied customers!

For sellers, we wanted to make their journey as easy as possible. By taking care of the international leg of a goods journey, the worry of selling around the world is gone. Local warehouses make delivery a breeze, combined with our international door-to-door delivery as well as over 100 offline stores for self-pickup, products are sure to be in safe and capable hands. How do we do that?

  1. Logistical Support - We'll take care of the international leg of the journey, all you have to do is ship it to a local warehouse.
  2. Marketing Opportunities - The social aspects of Everuts as well as the in-app marketing opportunities are endless. We know the trends, the people, the market and we will make use of Big Data to promote products.
  3. Connectivity - On top of being social, we want to help brands connect with customers, a chance to build rapport, and grow even further.

If you are interested in learning more about our Sellers’ packages/offers, contact us at bd@offbeattech.com!

Mission, Vision, Statement

Our mission is a simple one, To provide a seamless social e-commerce platform by building communities where people share like-minded values and interests, placing the world at their fingertips.
Our vision for Offbeat Technology: To re-invent the world of e-commerce, connecting lifestyles, possibilities, and people all around the world, driving the retail experiences and changing the e-commerce standard of the future.
As a company, we share the same values:

  • To adapt to the ever-changing culture, environments and demands.
  • To deliver excellence to both our customers and merchants, constantly exceeding expectations.
  • To impact ground-breaking change and empower small and medium businesses around the world.
  • To connect people with seamless technology allowing for more knowledgeable and mindful decisions.